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ArchangelMadzz said:
VAMatt said:
Also, in most of Europe, the item is being taxed at every level - whenever value is added. In the US, the only tax is on the retail sale. I think the European system is terrible, as it hides the taxes from the consumers. That is totally unfair, and is a big part of the reason taxes are so high in Europe. People don't even realize how much of the purchase price they're paying is going to the government, so that don't push back as much. In the US, it is quite literally spelled out on the receipt, and very easy to understand.

Someone's never been to Europeeeeee

Our listed prices always include tax. When I go do shopping and I pick up cereal and the price on the shelf says £2. I pay exactly £2 for that item.

We never have a case of you click on something to buy and then the price is higher when you actually go to pay. Please research before you comment on these things.l

No his "point" is since the item's price tag only displays the total amount you have to pay, the amount you pay in taxes is hidden within.

Which is of course not a very good point because within each European country there are only about 3 different rates of sales tax for goods: standard, reduced and tax exempt. If you're living in one of those countries you'll likely know what tax rates applies to what type of goods.

And even if you don't, you can see them on the receipt at the end.

Last edited by Barozi - on 14 July 2020