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Woolly World, it was the first and still only game to recapture the magic and exciting sense of adventure of the original Island, right after the first level it drops that chill and slow feel of the games after Island, introduces cool mechanics, cool exploration, a really diverse soundtrack and memorable boss fights, everything Yoshi Island established for itself was back in full force. Still lacked a bit in the end to be as good if not better than Island, but it remains the only game to understand what makes it so special for me.

Then it would be Epic Yarn, wasn't as epic as the usual for Kirby games, but the presentation was excellent, both in score and visuals and the yarn mechanics were more woven to fit the game world and story, it was more of a game designed around working with the style rather than just being a cool style I feel.

Crafted was just really disappointing after how good Woolly was, when I felt Yoshi was getting back on track, it comes with another game that is more like Story or Island DS rather than the original, not terrible, just all kind of boring.