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freebs2 said:
Pavolink said:

Good. Good.

Now to wait for the dissapointment if Zelda is not showed.

Hopefully we could be relieved with the disappointment of Metroid and Bayonetta also not being showed. 

Literally.. but i think one of them HAS to show up. I think Zelda has good chances since they wouldn't have shown a story teaser last year if they didn't plan to show more of the game until like over a year. They skipped the September direct but i think this time it will be there. Idk how big this direct will be, but if it somewhat replaces the E3 presentation than it could be pretty big.

But tbh i will be happy just to have a general direct again, idc if it's huge or not. I'm sure it will be good enough considering we know nothing at all.