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Not happening. What else is going to be canon? The old EU is reinstated? It would just be one giant mess. It’s better to come up with what counts for yourself. I never felt like the sequel trilogy actually fits after how Return of the Jedi ends, so it’s hard for me to see them as canon. Even regardless of whether they’re good as films or not.

I never felt that way about the prequels. They fit perfectly before A New Hope, and make sense. Obviously that’s probably because they’re part of George Lucas’s grand vision for the whole saga. Of the other new things, I liked Rogue One a lot, I believed that one to belong right before A New Hope immediately. It’s seamless. Okay you can moan about how those two thugs are on Jeddah one day and then in the cantina on Tatooine to harass Luke the next, but I don’t mind a joke like that. It’s the best of the Disney era Star Wars. I can also see The Mandalorian happening, I’d count that. And it’s a good show, I hope the Cassian and Obi Wan shows will be as good. Clone Wars and Rebels too, though they were started by George actually, and made and finished by competent people. The final season of Clone Wars, in particular the final four episodes, was absolutely amazing and wraps up the loose ends behind Revenge of the Sith nicely. Rebels as well, which actually explains quite some stuff ‘behind the movies’. The Solo film was okay as a film, but felt a little unnecessary, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t fit, but I wouldn’t say it adds anything either.

Old EU stuff that takes place long before the movies like the Bane series and The Old Republic is still canon to me, I don’t see how they’d conflict. Especially Knights of the Old Republic, which is actually hinted at both visually and in words in new material quite a lot.

So long story short; it’s such a mess now that it doesn’t really matter anymore what Disney does, I’m making up for my own what I think counts as canon and what isn’t.

Last edited by S.Peelman - on 07 July 2020