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The Wii.

360 and PS3 offered plenty of quality titles in their own right, and the 360 in particular remains one of my top 5 systems of all time, but for me the Wii simply offered the lion's share of the most memorable, mind-blowing, or just flat-out awesome experiences of the generation.

Playing Mario Galaxy was pure magic with its sheer elegance of design, sense of wonder, and perfection of execution.

Playing Wii Sports Resort for the first time felt like something from the future, or Star Trek, brought into the real world. Controlling a virtual character with my own movements was the biggest leap forward for gaming since the jump to the third dimension.

Then there was Xenoblade Chronicles with its epic, unforgettable adventure, Metroid Prime 3 setting a new standard for first person controls with its IR aiming, Zelda Twilight Princess bringing the series back to greatness, Skyward Sword weaving the awesomeness of Wii Sport Resort's controls into a traditional gaming template, Galaxy 2 offering a second helping of the first game's magnificence, Monster Hunter Tri's thrilling hunts bringing me back for over a thousand hours, more time than I've spent in any other game in my life...

As a system, it pushed new boundaries for gaming as a medium while remaining true to Nintendo's roots, offering a marvelous blend of old school charm and new school innovation.

To this day, the Wii remains my #2 top console of all time, behind only the SNES, and it will take a hell of a lot for any other system to ever surpass it.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 30 June 2020

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