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ArchangelMadzz said:
EricHiggin said:

600Hz doesn't look bad on plasma, though the 120Hz/240Hz soap opera effect on LCD/LED does look terrible.

If something is filmed and made to be played at an extreme refresh rate then sure. But as others have said, 600hz in TV's aren't showing 600 images per second, it's a marketing thing referring to other components.

But regardless of screen, interpolation never looks 'good' it's wonky and almost cartoon like as the media wasn't made for it. If it was filmed for it then sure but if not leave it as intended, is just my opinion on it.

They are correct that it's not true 600Hz, but I've had more than a few friends and acquaintances point out how much smoother my TV is without knowing it's capabilities. I will admit it doesn't work great for films. Not that it's horrible but it certainly doesn't help. Depends on how many screen types and equipment you want to have or can afford for every particular viewing scenario.