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The_Liquid_Laser said:

People have found a way to describe Switch sales "falling off a cliff" without using the word "cliff".  Anyone predicting lifetime sales of 110 or less for Switch is basically describing a cliff.  They already shipped over 55m as of Nintendo's March 31, 2020 report.  Since then they have been breaking sales records.  They are going to more than double that 55m because they are still on an upward trajectory (a dramatic upward trajectory in fact).  Switch hasn't peaked yet.

By the same token, anyone predicting a release date of 2022 or earlier for Switch's successor is using cliff talk.  3DS has been Nintendo's most disappointing handheld system (other than the VB), and it still had 6 years until it's successor.  Switch is blowing away 3DS sales, and it's also peaking a lot later, and it still hasn't had a price cut.  Any talk of a successor in 2022 or earlier is either out of touch with reality or intentionally deceptive (or both).  It's cliff talk.

"Hey, I'm not saying Switch is going to fall off a cliff.  I just think it's going to have a sudden and dramatic downturn in sales."  It's the same thing.

Lol can’t wait for 29mil FY and then that decline to 20mil for FY22 With YoY down 30%