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I've been thinking about this for a bit. My wife and I really enjoyed playing Let's Go together, so I hope they continue this subseries. 

But what about mascots for each generation? Should there be 2 new mascots for each generation? I personally think they should just keep Pikachu and Evee through the whole subseries for a couple reasons: it would feel like you would be taking the same mascot Pokemon with you throughout all of your adventures; I honestly don't think that they can come up with 2 Pokemon who feel like or have earned the mascot status. Yes I know, everybody has there favourites, but Pikachu is an obvious one, while I feel Evee was kind of forced at first... 

I dunno.... Personally I would take Pokemon Let's Go (Insert region here): Pikachu or Evee for each one. 
What do you think?