Runa216 said:
Chris Hu said:

Did you actually read read what I wrote.  Nowhere did I say the X1 has a superior library.  All I said that the PS4 doesn't have a vastly superior libary over the X1.  Also its not like I didn't give Sony any credit since clearly mentioned that both the PS1and PS2 actually had vastly superior software lineups.

that's exactly what I read and exactly what I responded to. you said the Ps4 didn't have a vastly superior library and it did. by all objective and most subjective metrics, they were in completely different ballparks. It wasn't even a small difference, it was a massive, ocean-width difference. 

I read what you wrote and I replied accordingly. the PS4 DOES have a VASTLY superior exclusive library to the Xbox One. 

Again did you actually read my first post I said nothing about exclusive games I was talking about the overall software lineup.  Again I stand by what I have said in my first post the PS4 doesn't have a vastly superior software library over the X1.