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What's your least favorite for y'all?

I know my opinion is probably unpopular, but my least favorite is the Wii. I didn't like how under powered it was compared to it's competitors, Ik the Switch & Wii U were also underpowered, but imo I still felt like the hardware and graphics held up well since they were in HD and the gap between PS4/Wii U/Switch wasn't as large as 360/Wii. The Wii felt quite outdated compared to the 360/PS3

However, my main problem with the Wii was the Wiimote, i hated playing games with it, the Wii had great games, but I felt like my experience with them was hindered by the Wiimote as I hated using it to play Mario Galaxy or Smash Bros tbh. Plus the Wii had way too much shovelware.