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Shadow1980 said:
Agente42 said:

you are wrong, Nintendo switch, until now, is severe supply problems. Lotteries anywhere. The sales are not in decline or become or same status to the pre-AC level. The sales is bigger than same period now, with supply problems. 

The covid problem helps, but is not the mainline driver. Animal Crossing is. 

But there is one thing we know absolutely for certain: Only one game ever in the history of the Japanese market—ONE, out of however many tens of thousands of console games released since Famitsu started tracking sales—has caused a boost to hardware sales lasting for more than two months, and it was for a system with already poor sales.

What game are you alluding to there? FF VII or Splatoon? Because afaik both pushed their respective consoles to new longer term heights in terms of sales.

In any case, I can turn your argument against you: Just because you think it can't because only one game according to your data had given a console a 2 months+ sales push and think that this couldn't possibly happen again doesn't mean it can't happen again.