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Iwata is the reason the Wii and DS existed, and it really shook the industry. Few others made such ballsy moves. Sometimes they didn't pay off, but in the end, the guy did things few others would do.

Tried to edit the quote tree as much as I could, hope I won't mess up the format But yeah, left the last part, as I think this truly captures the essence of who he was, and pretty much I agree with all the rest that you replied.

Going back to a semi-public person's life and analyze his/her life from the tidbits of information that we have will always be a hard task, so taking out the subjective interpretations will be nigh impossible. As with all people he had his good sides and bad sides, but contrary to most human beings, he actually left behind a true legacy, and this is something that I do not say lightly. 

Hopefully, our kids will one day write the same thing about Cerny. I mean Knack is no Earthbound/Smash, but hey, he has to start somewhere :)))

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