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I'm expecting major improvements. The PS3 OS was leaps and bounds ahead of the PS4 OS. Much more accessible, faster, and more feature rich. The only thing missing was enough RAM to allow it full functionallity while Games/Apps ran in the background. On top of that, we continued to get User Facing OS updates regularly, even after the PS4 launch, and we didn't even have to pay for PS+.

With PS4, the system launched missing most of the features of the PS3 OS. Over time we saw a return of some features, but when they arrived, they were not as gracefully integrated as they were on PS3. To top that off, we now have to Pay for PS+ for Online Services, yet we have not had any User Facing Improvemnets to the OS/UI to enhance the PSN experience in nearly 4 years.

That said, I am hoping that Sony's OS team has been full force behind the PS5 OS during this time. If they have spent the majority of the last 4 years developing a master class OS/UI for the PS5, then I will not feel like my PS+ money went to waste.

Things I am Hoping For:

-Dramatic reduction in Blue Screen's
-The Store and Internet Browser not running out of available System Memory
-System Stability that Actually makes the system more stable

Now the Features:

-Ability to message people from the Quick Menu without being pulled from the current App
-Ability to fully access Music from the Quick Menu
-Photos, Music, and Video sections like on PS3, Content directly available on the Home Page and Note Behind another App
-Ability to Download Photos, Music, and Movies from PS Store, Amazon Music, Digital Foundry, etc.
-System Wide Voice operation (Call up Youtube Videos, Songs from Spotify/Amazon Music, Search Google/Bing, Message Friends, and More)
-Facial Recognition with PS5 HD Camera for Universal Login across System, Apps, Banking, etc., like on Smart Phones
-Trophy Tracking, Play Time Tracking, More Trophy Data, Better Friend Comparison Data
-Cloud Saves that function as seamlessly as what Microsoft is offering.
-Support for the Track Pad and Universal Mouse/Keyboard Support
-More Accessable and Deeper Share Features (Video Recording, Video Editing, Image Editing, Gif Maker, Streaming Features)
-Ability to Swap between open apps (Pehapps a Quick Double tap of the PS Button brings up open apps similar to PS Vita, iOS, and Android)

That's a good start. I am sure there are some things I am fogretting.

At the end of the day, I want the PS5 to offer the Fastest, Most Accessible, and Feature Rich UI of any PlayStation to Date.

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