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Lafiel said:
Torillian said:
Very interested in Spiderman 2 as I heard great things about the first game and after loving Into the Spiderverse I'm interested in a game centered around Miles Morales.
Demon's Souls remake is a must, though I'm not sure I could beat Demon's Souls these days. Curious what quality of life improvements they'll include from later Souls games.
Sackboy and astrobot 3d platformers interest me as a father of a 4 year old.
Looking to see what Horizon 2 is like, played the first game a bit but didn't finish it.
Sure I'll get a couple of the smaller games as well but I'll have to see more. In particular the high school game gave off some Night in the Woods vibes that leaves me interested.

astrobot is pre-installed on every PS5, it says so at the end of the full trailer they released during the show

Oh? I guess I should watch some of the full trailers then if they provide a bit more information like that.