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According to Statcounter, here is the current console operating system market share worldwide as of May 2020


Xbox: 33%


I assume this line graph is talking about OS usage, if that's the case I find this line graph hard to believe for several reasons:

1.Switch outsold the Xbox One Worldwide, Xbox players would need to play or use the OS a far more absurd amount than Switch players to be able to kill the Switch in OS market share, which I don't see possible.

2. There are several instances in the graph where Xbox surpasses the PS in OS market share despite PS selling twice as much as Xbox.

So what do you guys think about the consoles OS market share?

I notice that some analysts in one of CNBC's video use this to act like Nintendo is falling from grace to it's competitors, however these were the same "analysts" to say Apple Arcade and Google Stadia were legit competitors to the Switch which makes me doubtful to believe their shit opinions.