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RolStoppable said:

The figures are likely estimates by a research firm and not a direct report of AMD's financial data. Additionally, all of the percentages are round figures, so there is a sizeable margin of error because half a percent of rounding already amounts to more than 2.5m units.

The numbers likely go up to the date March 31st 2020, so Sony's 20% match closely with their actual shipments of 110.4m PS4s by that date. However, that figure is what Sony has sold to retailers, not what they have produced. Meanwhile, for AMD it is what they sold to Sony, so that would exceed 110.4m in any case.

In any case, this is too rough to allow any definitive conclusions. Due to the rounding of the percentages, AMD could have actually sold more than 50m GPUs to Microsoft, but also less than 48m.

Lastly, VGC tracks sell-through figures, not shipments. Sporadic numbers by NPD and GfK have proven to be more reliable for global sales estimates than estimates by research firms.

The use of a research firm and rounding of percentages is why the official is in quotation marks.

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