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Conina said:
Leynos said:

I have a collection. IDGAF about stupid ass meta. Stop letting numbers decide your opinion for you. Meta is garbage. A score is  garbage. It's an arbitrary way to judge something as a work of art. Babyz DS got a better review score than Mafia II. So if that game is better than Mafia II then where is the Babyz remake? Wii has a ton of hidden gems that don't show up on Meta anyway. Some of them I imported as they were not released in the west. lol and still holding on to the fan grading curve of anything below 80 is bad. Thanks for the laugh tho.

MetaScore ain't perfect, but the cumulative rating system is a much better indicator about the quality of games than the ratings of single persons. Extreme opinions get balanced out in most cases.

"Babyz DS" doesn't even have a MetaScore and Mafia II had a score of 74 - 77 (depending on the version)... so WTF are you talking about?

And you are free to write down a list of Wii games that are hidden gems.

Thanks for the laugh tho.

Was talking about this as one example. An example as one piece in a larger problem that expands past one website.

Not to mention bad games get good reviews because of a brand name like Final Fantasy XIII. Bad game, good score because of the brand. With the most recent Dragon Age. Very mediocre still won GOTY over Bayo 2. Then take into account game reviews stopped being actual journalists with a degree to do a job. You can listen to the Giant Bombcast how it used to be. They had a giant written guide on how to review games properly.  Certain phrases came across as unprofessional or vague so were not used. Reviews had more integrity and guidelines how to write something well. Anyone with a pulse now can write a review and most of them are terrible. Most review sites sound like fanboys writing them up and often poorly written. Some purposefully give higher or lower scores based on personal bias.

Meta is a fucking joke. Slant Magazine exists to lower scores on games. If you truly care about reviews then listen to the bombcast and how much better reviewing used to be structured.

I don't take anyone seriously when they use Meta as an argument when Meta is part of a joke that is games "journalism" of the modern-day. The ones that can't beat Doom unless put on Easy or could not get past Cuphead tutorial or the ones that wear sponsored Fall Out 4 pipboys and then criticize other websites for giving it a 7 instead of a 9. WHen someone is fired over giving a game a 6 because the publisher paid to have the game advertised all over the website. This all happened. So yeah they contribute to those meta scores.

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