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Conina said:
Leynos said:
Wii beat both in sales. PS3 was in second but barely. Wii has a lot of great games but the hardware sucks to use. Still have my HD twins hooked up.

Wii had a lot of great games... yeah, but only a fraction of great PS3 + Xbox360 games:

  • Wii had 14 games with a MetaScore of 90+, PS3 + Xbox360 each had over 50 of them.
  • Wii had 43 games with a MetaScore of 85+, PS3 + Xbox360 each had around 180 of them.
  • Wii had 106 games with a MetaScore of 80+, PS3 + Xbox360 each had over 400 of them.

I have a collection. IDGAF about stupid ass meta. Stop letting numbers decide your opinion for you. Meta is garbage. A score is  garbage. It's an arbitrary way to judge something as a work of art. Babyz DS got a better review score than Mafia II. So if that game is better than Mafia II then where is the Babyz remake? Wii has a ton of hidden gems that don't show up on Meta anyway. Some of them I imported as they were not released in the west. lol and still holding on to the fan grading curve of anything below 80 is bad. Thanks for the laugh tho.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!