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COKTOE said:
cycycychris said:
It's quite shocking to see that Ubisoft is apparently losing money. I think they had to delay a ton of games if I remember right, so that is likely to blame.

Nintendo has always had a great eye for making profits, they've learned from there mistakes from the wii u era.

I barely touch Ubisoft games any more.  Played one last gen, and two this gen, having started Far Cry 4 a few weeks ago. I was basically loving it, but also living in dread at the prospect of having my entire campaign fall apart. The amount of main campaign mission bugs. Uhg. I've had to re-do several main and side missions because I couldn't progress, ie: pick up the bobble, get in the truck, anyway, not really what I'm driving at.

The game harasses the player to sign up for Uplay every time the game is booted. I pick "skip", because I don't want to give the ghouls at Ubisoft access to all my online information so that they can sell said information to their cockroach friends, in exchange for Elephant War Paint, and a couple of stupid guns. Moving on...

A few days ago, I decided to buy a Far Cry pack, on sale on PSN. Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn, and Far Cry 3 remaster + all the DLC for these games. But. I also decided to wait as long as possible to do so, to give Ubisoft an opportunity to fail. Which they did.

After finishing the campaign last night, I wanted to go online. Yeah. Now the option to skip Uplay sign up, is not there. I mean, they literally still present it as an option, but to go online, you have to create a Uplay account. Unbelievable. I can't stand it when companies hold back content I've already purchased behind some fake-ass barrier. So, these greedy shaved apes have taken the goodwill generated by a piece of software I mostly, really enjoyed, and flushed an immediate purchase of 3 games, and all future purchases, down the toilet. Forever. Except South Park. 🤕

So when I see Ubisoft in the red, it doesn't surprise me. But really, this was an excuse to rant.

This. I deleted For Honor after I was forced to create a Uplay account. As far as I am concerned, they are currently as bad as EA and Acti. I really hope they go under next-gen, or that they get their shit together ASAP, as their live-service crap is unacceptable.

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