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My opinion-
As far as mechanics go theres only 2 games worth playing. Star fox 64 and star fox adventures. 64 is a traditional on rails space shooter while star fox adventures is like the pre-botw 3d zeldas that takes place on a dinosaur planet. So if u can play 64, preferably on a 64 for controls sake, id recommend it. If that gets u into the fox character u can check out adventures on the gamecube. I seem to remember some decent little cut scenes in star fox 0 if u wanna youtube those. Dont care for any of the other games due to gameplay issues, but I love the universe nintendo has created and I wish theyd give it a 3rd person halo or battlefield feel. Good story , cool sci fi weapons and freely using vehicles in a single player/co op environment could be so cool w yhis ip. I also really enjoyed using fox in starlink and his missions in particular.