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d21lewis said:
Dulfite said:
Starfox Adventures baby! My favorite one of the bunch. Come at me!

Forgot about that one but it's actually pretty great. Beautiful production values. Only "bad" when compared to Zelda.

I hated Adventures, even at the time. Ridiculously easy combat that was the ultimate example of that era - multiple enemies surround you, but they play by gentleman's rules and wait their turn while one fights you at a time. Puzzles were designed by Fisher Price. One of the trials near the end of the game had another cardinal sin of old gaming, a "Pump a button as hard as you can, and if you have any sort of arthritic issue or coordination handicap in your hands, then you can't win" part that was required to advance. Arwing sections during loading screens just to tease you before Star Fox Assault existed. Prince Tricky, aka Danny Devito. Andross pulls a Ganon and hijacks the plot. Krystal, the most egregious furry bait this side of that one kong with the boobz.

Between this and Sticker Star, I'm glad everyone at Nintendo had to stop going through Miyamoto for everything.