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I know it is bold, but I feel like everything is linning up for Monolith and Xenoblade.

Gaming as a whole has become so much more popular.The Switch is a ravaging success, Xenoblade as a brand has gotten much bigger with XB 2, and the first Xenoblade is considered to be the better game(even if it that's debatable).

And there is an additional plus: The coronavirus and the quarentines.I know these are (finally) starting to die down, but by the end of may, it's effects will still be very significant, and since people will be looking for something to play, and with XB being the big May release, then it will certainly help the game sales.

Not to mention that Nintendo is REALLY pushing the XB brand right now.We can see it with the big marketing push the game is getting(Being the last reveal of the September Direct, opening up the March Mini direct, the front cover game of the Famitsu of this month), the game will certainly not lack exposure.

This is finally the time for Monolith and Xenoblade to shine!

Oh, and did you guys know that XB DE was developed in almost a year and a half? Yeah, Monolith decided to remake the game after seeing XB 2 sales, and pitched the game to Nintendo in August of 2018.Crazy how efficient they are.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.