Soundwave said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
Another problem is that SD Express needs specific card readers, as they have an additional row of pins. Otherwise they'll only transfer at UHS speeds. And I'm sure that those readers are also still very expensive. Too expensive to use in any console anytime soon.

PCIe 4.0 is going to be pretty standard tech, I wouldn't neccessarily equate their cost with being anywhere close to what it costs to make this stuff. 

SD card commission will charge a high price at first likely because the only type of person who needs this much speed are video professionals are who are shooting like 5K-8K raw video files. For them a couple of hundred bucks is nothing. 

But that doesn't really mean it costs them that much more to make. 

Nintendo could probably get a cartridge slot for example with similar speed probably for a reasonable cost in a few years. 

That's understood, and it was a smart move to couple SD cards to PCI-E lines.

It's just that the producers want to make money from new tech, and thus sell at a high price, especially early on. It will take years until the competition has heated up enough to bring the prices down to a level where SD Express will become a viable choice over the older UHS standards. And like I said, even there UHS-I is still by far and wide the most widespread despite the tech being 10 years old by now and UHS-II being just a year younger yet still very rare. At least the pre-UHS models are slowly dying out in industrialized countries (still saw tons of 2-8GB SDHC cards in the Philippines, so in developing countries, it's still another matter), so they are slowly moving forward.