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Not the console, but the games that showcase the Wii U uniqueness like Nintendo Land  and Game & Wario.

So you question me: "How?"

Well is not that difficult if you think about it. Switch already has a screen but you disable that when you put in the docking station BUT with a 2 part device that plugs in the switch and in the USB entrance in the docking station to create an wireless connection and Voilá! You have dual screen just like the Wii U with your Switch!

You now question me: "ehh, why though.."

Well because it's fun, plus many Wii U games are getting a second chance and improving their sales. I can see a lot of potential with these games. 

Disclaimer:  I am not saying that Nintendo should try again the whole concept of second screen. Just bring back the games that actually work with the second screen in a fun way and if you take that off, you lose the entire concept of the game.

Just like the cardboard from Nintendo labo and the Ring from RFA, I would expect the same for the dual screen: it wouldn't be pushed too hard simply because the Switch hardware doesn't revolve around these gimmicks.

Disclaimer 2: I miss playing Nintendo Land but I don't feel like putting my Wii U back to life and search for Wii remotes that work or buying batteries ever again. Pls, Nintendo, listen to me...

Your thoughts...

Last edited by 160rmf - on 21 May 2020



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