SD Association just announced on Tuesday that new SD Cards that are waaaaaaaaay faster than the fastest current SD Cards could be available as soon as later this year.  

These new SD Cards use can transfer just shy of 4 GB/sec (3940MB/sec), which is faster than the XBox SX's NVMe SSD and not far behind the PS5's SSD speed of 5.5GB/sec. 

These cards only work at that speed in new devices that have reader support for PCIe 4.0 lanes, which means the current Switch systems won't be able to utilize their speed, but future Switch systems certainly could.

Not that it really was that huge of an issue as NVMe memory has already been used in iPhones for ages and UFS 3.1 internal flash storage for Android phones is very fast as well as an internal storage option, but SD Cards themselves getting this blazing fast speed bodes very well for future Switch systems.