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curl-6 said:

The rumored Paper Mario and old ports/remasters/remakes alone won't be enough to keep Switch up YOY I reckon. It'll take more than that to counterbalance the avalanche of games they got in the second half of 2019 plus the Lite.

Hopefully they can deliver more for June-December than that.

Second half of 2019 didn’t have supply issue and needing of a lot of stock. That’s a big part of it imo. Those games can keep up the momentum with possible good bundles this season. Out of all the years I’ve seen, this is one that doesn’t need as much software. Besides the Mario ports/remasters if true are big games. Add in another color or 2 for the lite, ring fit adventure that is still selling systems and is also need of more supply. 2020 isn’t going to be a bad year despite not having that huge seller like SSB or Pokémon this year (excluding AC in the beginning)