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zorg1000 said:
brute said:

I agree big games will definitely be needed, especially during the holiday season although maybe not so much during summer if the pandemic continues like it is.

A lot of folks will want to stay home for the most part and especially keep their kids away from unnecessary crowds. They'll nee to be entertained somehow and video games can fill that void. As was seen in March and reportedly in April. The pandemic is helping sales to an extent.

Yeah the summer months should be fine without anything major but September onward will need something.

Last year Lite+Link's Awakening+Luigi's Mansion+Ring Fit+Pokemon Sword/Shield all released within a 2 month window in the fall leading to an amazing holiday.


Sept-Surprise Game

Oct-Paper Mario

Nov- Mario 3D Collection (64/Sunshine/Galaxy1)

Dec-Pikmin 3

That would be alright granted whatever extra game it will be. Then next year we can have a much better software year, something like 2017 maybe