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Currently NSW is at 55.77mil and BotW is roughly around 19.4mil (17.41mil NSW/*2mil on WiiU).

Before Zelda highest peak in sales were Twilight Princess (over 8mil with gcn sky) and OoT (just under 8mil). BotW not only is the first game to go over 10mil, but it’s already going to break 20mil which is Nintendo biggest franchise jump in the franchise this generation (AC might be first though). But now, forget the major leagues, let’s aim for the God Leagues (30mil+)

First off, games that hit over 30mil isn’t great at all. Even huge mega multiplat don’t hit this if your not made from Rockstar (GTA/RDR). Also examples are MK Wii (soon MK8D), Pokemon RGB, Wii Sports, Tetris, Minecraft.

Let’s breakdown Zelda Quarter Sales (and don’t forget wiiu sku to add afterwards)

Sales by Quarter
2760k Q4 2016
1160k Q1 2017
770k Q2 2017
2010k Q3 2017
1780k Q4 2017
840k Q1 2018
960k Q2 2018
1400k Q3 2018
1090k Q4 2018
840k Q1 2019
930k Q2 2019
1800k Q3 2019
1070k Q4 2019

Now I’m guessing there will be a budget release with dlc included but after 2022. And BotW won’t cut off legs.

post your thoughts, I’m expecting at least 30mil combined with the wiiu version (2mil sales estimate)