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Adding screenshots for Dragon Fire Returns.

Dragon Fire Returns
Course ID: 5CG-BTY-R1H
Description: The King's Treasure has been stolen by an Evil Dragon. It is up to the daring Prince to reclaim it. Enter 3 strongholds protected by the Dragon and his Hatchlings.  The difficulty in the original Dragon Fire increased after every other Drawbridge + Treasure Vault completion by adding a new hazard to the Drawbridge section.  For spatial concerns, I have added the hazards to the 2nd and 3rd Drawbridges, and made each Treasure Vault more difficult to complete by putting the treasures in more difficult locations.

EDIT - Just realized I already uploaded these screenshots on 3/31/20!  So, as a bonus, here's some comparison screenshots of the Dragon Fire I played on my TRS-80 Color Computer 2 in my youth:

*For info on the original game and tons of other TRS-80 Color Computer games, is a terrific source.

Last edited by Mandalore76 - on 13 May 2020