PotentHerbs said:
Some interesting stuff but overall underwhelming show considering the expectations. We didn't get much gameplay, aside from a couple of games, which is the biggest gripe for me. At the very least, I thought we'd get 20 - 30 second trailers of gameplay, not a bunch of in engine footage.

The first game looked the most next gen to me based on the mechanics: Titanfall wall running, the grapple hook, etc. One of the trailers with actual gameplay too.

Isn't this always the problem.  Gamers become over expectant of ever game reveal.  When I first read the headline and saw that MS wasn't showing any of their stuff, I instantly thought these must be cross gen titles MS is giving a platform to give them more air time.  I really did not expect to see anything shattering during the release of any of these systems until a year or more after their release.

Personally, I watch this show to see if there were anything I care about and there were a few i will be keeping an eye on.  My main reason for getting a PS5 and a XSX is due to being able to use them for playing all the games I love at the highest setting and hopefully 4K 60FPS. Then again, I never get hyped for a new gen.  I stopped doing that a long time ago.