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I saw this thread when it first came about and thought: why no option for a new Switch? Then I started reading and already some guys were stating just that: that they were looking forward to a new version of the Nintendo hybrid (as am I, but I'll go through that later).

Well, on topic, if I were to buy one of the next consoles it would probably be the PS5 only for retro compatibility (I have not owned a PS4). "Machine wise" though, I think the XSX has a lot of attractive features. But I will probably stick to the PC/Switch config that I have nowadays.

Talking of a Switch new version, I tend to feel the Switch as the nowadays NES: one of a kind in the market, a place where almost everyone wants to be, but limited by the hardware (even though I love mine, mind you). I expect (or at least wish) the next Nintendo Machine to be to the Switch what the SNES was related to the NES: a much, much more capable device, not necessarily in raw power, but in features designed to make it even more attractive to developers. That is the reason I'm looking much more forward to the next Switch. The concept is awesome, but there is so much room for improvement.

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