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So March was gaming month and in April I did not have Internet for a seemingly long time, but I did manage to finish 3 more anime.

Fairy Gone (24 episodes)- I started this one first but I finished it last, the story wasn't exciting enough for me to marathon through it. In almost all aspects it is mediocre, which is much better than I can say for a different 24 episode anime I watched (Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls), but much worse than the last one I watched (Dr. Stone). The premise was interesting for a moment, but as the first season slogged on it was fairly pointless. Second season was a bit better, but suffered similar problems. The last episode was okay. The OST is a shining aspect for this show, with good OP and ED, as well as the battle music.

Beastars- A strange SoL show mostly about romance. The main themes are portrayed well, but the characters can be quite frustrating at times. As well as typical anime annoyances like

A:"I have something to tell you"

*Something happens*

B: *runs off*

A: Wait! (oh well, guess I will tell them in a few episodes instead)

Or other similar cliches.

Still I enjoy that the anthropomorphic animals were well... animal like and human like. I enjoyed some of the more adult themes and the rabbit portrays as quite a believable caricature. The 2nd season should be good, since it appears it will follow the plotline already established earlier. The OP was really good, I really enjoy more jazz like OPs. Reminds me a lot about Cowboy Bebop and Baccano! OPs.

7 seeds (Season 2)- The first few episodes were meh and really made you dislike the pair. But as the season went on, one could realize more about each character. The big arc is quite creepy with the strange ship. I do like that it is quite different from Dr. Stone, but there is no denying that the quality is much lower. Still, both shows are fun for different reasons. OP and ED skippable.

I shall continue to strive for 3 anime per month, but in reality since I am in quarantine, I should be watching more than that. Video games have become more important for me during quarantine than before, as it scratches different parts of my brain.