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curl-6 said:
Soundwave said:

Well these decisions impact both systems. You kind of have to decide like now what Mario Kart 9 is and what system that will be on. You can't just say in 2022 "OK I thought about it and now I decided it should be a on X or Y", OK great, now the dev team needs 3 years to deliver the product. 

They need to know really now what they are launching the next system with. 

And lets be real almost every Nintendo system aside from the Virtual Boy has gotten minimum 4 years of software. Even the GBA still had new software coming through 2007. There's no scenario in which the Switch doesn't get a minimum 5 full years of software support, probably more likely you're talking 7 years. 

And if 7 years isn't enough, like I'm sorry that's getting into a territory that's also crazy. If 7 years worth of titles and you're still like "I dunno if I want one" or "I haven't gotten my fill" you're just completely unreasonable as a consumer.

Again, you're arguing things I never said anything about. Show me where I said they shouldn't have a plan for next gen. Of course they should. 

It's not just having a "plan", actual software development needs to start to begin pretty soon here. A 3 year dev cycle factoring in some bumps along the way, you need to have actual game development underway like this summer/fall. And even that may be cutting it tight because Switch to Switch 2 is probably a generational leap whereas Wii U to Switch was basically the same tier hardware just a bit better in some respects. So you have to account developers needing a little more time to take full advantage of much better hardware than they had before. 

So for us as consumers while Switch 2 may be years away, for Nintendo it really needs to be top of mind like now. As a plan yes, but even as actual game development and staff being allocated to these projects. Games just aren't going to program and art design and level design themselves. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 05 May 2020