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2021 is probably too late for a Pro model that fragments the userbase. There will be probably in the range of 70 million install base by next year and it would be hard to make that work.

DSi or New 3DS like new model is possible, but as others have pointed out, these types of revisions don't really result in a long term sales boost. They cause a short spike and then sales go back to where they were before or even lower.

They may as well just proceed for March 2023 for Switch 2 but they can support Switch for a while longer, the 3DS was supported with new software all through 2017 even though the bulk of it was outsourced projects (ie: Arzest doing Hey! Pikmin, Grezzo co-developing Luigi's Mansion, Mercury Steam doing Metroid II etc.). So the formula is basically already there.  

If you're not sold on a system after 6 years of releases, honestly you likely never were that interested in such a platform to begin with anyway. I don't think a console provider really has an obligation to bend over backwards that late in a product cycle if you're still not onboard. 

I'm all for phased transitions and maybe trying something different, but Nintendo has such a bad history with generational transitions that they're probably just better off not getting too fancy here. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 05 May 2020