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sethnintendo said:
Finally a bold prediction. If someone says too bold then you know you are doing something right or wrong. I'm proud of you.

Yes that’s why I made a second one cuz my first one (I actually had it at 7.5mil and then bumped it to 8mil) felt like I was cheating lmao

UnderwaterFunktown said:
Considering its probably closing in on 5 mil already if you include digital, it's certainly not impossible.
But it's the attachment rate that gets me skeptical. 40-45 % is significantly more than even any of the Pokémon games, which have always been the definition of system sellers in Japan.
If the Switch itself somehow catches up to the DS, it could maybe happen, but while it is ofc dangerous to doubt your predictions I'll go with a slightly safer 10,5 mil.

I think NSW will sell no less that. 27mil but no more than 33mil. AC could possibly be over 8mil and if it is close to 9mil then this prediction has a chance. If it’s under 8mil I’ll admit defeat