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BOLD PREDICTION: Animal Crossing New Horizons will sell 12mil Lifetime in Japan!!! O.o

First of all yes that means beating the almighty Pokémon RB that sold just over 8.2mil copies. Yes the last highest selling game was AC New Leaf which is above 5.79mil in Japan (2012 release). I understand I’m asking for twice as much sales compared to New Leaf and 50% more than Pokémon RB... but it wouldn’t be BOLD without it :)

Let’s start off with how it’ll become a 12mil seller, I expect NSW to keep selling for years and sell over 28mil as of this post, which would mean between 40-45% attach ratio as an estimate.

It’s currently at 3611k with retail after 5 weeks. Demand isn’t slowing down and most people are pinning it between Pokémon RB and GS in sales (7.2mil-8.2mil Lifetime). But I believe it’ll continue to sell throughout this whole year and surpass both games by years end to start. Next week NH should surpass NL First 4 quarter sales which is shown below! Here is my prediction....

Sell thru famitsu

Q1 2287k (8weeks and Holiday)
Q2 1053k
Q3 323k
Q4 161k
Y1 3823k

Q1 2608k (2weeks)
Q2 2396k 

Q3 332k (5weeks so far)

Y1 5337k


 prediction ACNH (shipment+Digital)
Q1 4200k
Q2 2800k (yes I’m serious)
Q3 500k 
Q4 800k
Y1 8300k (surpassing Pokémon RG)



Q3: 1100k (8250k) *Best selling GoaT
Q4: 1250k (9500k)

And that’s all folks! What do y’all think? Anybody on board for team 12mil o.O

let me know your thoughts... thank you for the read fellow members :)

Last edited by tbone51 - on 07 August 2020