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I found the hidden gem of this season.

It's a nice fantasy story about a girl protecting a chosen guy, a princess who likes to eat, a tsundere with a dark plot and their story of creating a guild to discover the best food around the world. Everything seems generic about this premise but nothing actually is.

The characters have fun and relatable personalities. The main character has amnesia, but not the boring brooding kind but actual full on wiped mind, including his ability to speak properly. Which makes him the least annoying MC in a harem ever. The girls are all bubbly and cute and moe and there are also more moe and well endowed girls introduced. At some point I got strong Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka vibes. It's just an all around feel good anime with a fantasy background.

Oh, did I mention that this show was directed by the guy who also directed Konosuba and School Rumble? Because this isn't your average moe harem, it's a full on comedy and they do try real hard. They do some really fun stuff you won't see in other animes.

But there is another thing on top of the hilarity. The animation and design of the anime is quite unique. They do a lot of cool stuff with CGI and especially the lighting of the scenes. Some scenes look as if they were done by ufotable. It's also really colorful without being too garish. It's just a joy to look at it.

tl;dr It's this season's Boufuri

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