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m0ney said:

Wow it took only 7? years to finally see people hating on Journey? lmao

I believe Journey is the single most overrated game of all time, and it's not even that it's bad, it's good for what it is - a small and short and simple indie format game where you go from point A to point B for 3 hours and mostly just walk. But some people claiming that it's the best game of the decade, and I have even seen the best game they ever played? Complete utter nonsense. The only explanation I can come up with is that Journey was released at the peak time of Call of Duty and some people's senses had been atrophied. 

It obviously just comes down to preference. 

I'd nominate Bioshock as being the most overrated. Possibly GTA IV. 

Journey is one of my favourites. The soundtrack is absolutely incredible and was perfectly synced with the beautiful visuals. The movements were satisfying and I liked how it was open to interpretation. Its just a very unique game. 

Its only something I would play through once or twice though, similarly to how you can watch a movie and really enjoy it, but you know you will never watch it again. Its kind of a once off experience.