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The thread title basically says it.  I'm interested to hear what people think about how lifestyle changes will impact the amount of time people spend gaming on their mobile devices, versus PCs or consoles.  I'm figuring there will be a lot more PC and console gaming, but I'm not sure about how it affects mobile gaming.

On one hand, the fact that people won't be spending time commuting, killing time at work, and other things like that lead me to believe that there will be less time spent playing mobile games.  On the other hand, there are a lot more bored people now, and almost all of those people have a mobile phone.  So, I would think that the number of people actively playing mobile games will likely increase. possibly the amount of time the average mobile gamer spends playing games could go down though.  

Further, do some people who have been exclusively mobile gamers now take up console or PC gaming?

Anyway, it's an interesting subject to me, and I'd like to hear some thoughts.  Over time, we should actually be able to measure how this plays out. Right now, we can mostly just speculate.