Ck1x said:
SammyGiireal said:
I think we will get PS4 Pro like specs on the next Switch if we are lucky...4k at 120 on a portable? Maybe in 2028-30. We don't even know if the PS5 will run graphically intense games at that framerate at 4k.

But even a "PS4 Pro" spec level Switch 2 would end up being much more powerful than a PS4 Pro, being a modern Nvidia chip on a newer node. I know we put a lot of this stuff out here for just comparison sake, but going by just numbers a Switch 2 would run circles around PS4 Pro if its the targeted metric.

Well even the current Switch has churned out "impossible ports" if we go on paper stats alone. However 4k at 120 fps that is something that isn't happening until the Switch 3 if at all. I expect the PS5 to do a decent job of 4k at 60, 120 would be far fetched for that console  (which is astronomically more powerful than a switch successor in 2022). I do agree that if the specs reach PS4 Pro levels ( if we are lucky) the system will probably be running downgraded ports of PS5 and X series games. Games thought impossible on the PS4 Pro.