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Leynos said:
jason1637 said:

Riot games are the developers of League of Legends 

Heard of League but know nothing about it

One of the highest grossing game of all time, most successful MOBA so far.

Had over 100m user at some point.

They announced 5 new games last year, first was an autochess in lol client, second is a CCG, Valorant (FPS) is third and we know they are developping a fighting game in lol's universe.

They were acquired by Tencent a few years ago.

LoL is a landmark in esport history, with a lot of investment in enormous events. They are probably looking to diversify in the esport scene considering their investments in CCG, FPS and fighting games. Their autochess (Teamfight Tactics) seems doom to never find competitive success tho.