padib said:
Pemalite said:
Let's actually have a Nintendo console achieve 1080P/60fps consistently first before we start drooling over 4k/120fps.

Tegra Orin should be able to beat the Playstation 4 hands down and that should release next year and be cheap/mature enough for a 2023 console inclusion for Nintendo.

The video showed that you can offer 1080P/60fps with internal 540p resolution.

To get 60fps, it is virtually there with some dips. The author of the video mentioned that by turning of one or two ray tracing options it could be better achieved.

So in theory, Nintendo Switch would already easily hit it using DLSS 2.0.

Quite a fantastic technology actually.

Its gonna be a thing next gen.

Microsoft has something called "DirectML" (machine learning (works for amd,intel,nvidia cards)) which is basically their own version of DLSS.
Its gonna be in the next Series X console, thats why they talked about FP16 performance for machine learning.

AMD also has a technique for it (forget what its called)... and I wouldnt be surprised if Sony has some methode to use machine learning to do SS as well.

Its def. a better way, than useing say Checkerboard rendering.

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