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Phil seems to keep mentioning "consoles". I'd be surprised now if Lockhart didn't exist, unless it's just a super cheap streaming box instead.
Based on that:

$299-$399 Lockhart
$499 PS5
$599 XBSX

I think this is partially why the hardcore push is coming from MS in terms of the XBSX power narrative. It makes sense in general, but if they want to charge $100 more than PS5, the paper specs alone don't make it look like it's worth $100 more. Marketing would be key to selling it at $100 premium.
If MS went with a two tier approach, I can't see there being much money in the budget for subsidies, unless Lockhart is super weak garbage hardware at whatever cost, but based on XBSX I kinda doubt that. With little to no money for subsidy since it was spent on Lockhart, I can't see XBSX and PS5 being the same price. SNY only having PS5 also means they likely have some room to subsidize if they so choose.