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I've been a Zelda fan since I liked videogames. My first was A Link to the Past. My favourite Zelda (and game ever) is Ocarina of Time.
I have played Breath of the Wild through twice. The first time, I found how much of a departure from the normal Zelda formula to be jarring... I couldn't enjoy it as much because to me it didn't feel like Zelda. On its own, I thought the game was a great game, just not a great Zelda game.

Playing through the second time I just appreciated everything more. I loved it more for being different; for being able to change the franchise in such a fundamental way and still be engaging. I will say, the story that is there I love. But there is just not enough of it (cutscenes I mean). I'm in the minority but I love the voice acting in this game, especially Zelda herself, who has my favourite design in the series. I can't really explain my feelings for this game like I want... I love this game, though not perfect, I think it has many aspects that are the best so far in the series. That being said, despite its huge popularity, I would never recommend this game as the first game to play to anybody who is interested in the Zelda series as a whole.