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Torillian said:
vivster said:

The first 6 episodes were streamed a while ago on Netflix. I assume exclusively Japanese Netflix, because there are no subs except fansubs. Regular TV streaming will begin today. It's a really weird way to release it and I have no idea if it will even come to Netflix outside of Japan or who else might pick it up or even how many episodes it will have. I got it from nyaa.

I see, do you have any fansubs you suggest for BNA? I usually get everything from horriblesubs which I think uses the subtitles from crunchyroll, haven't had to go on the hunt for funsubs in a while.

I used multiple because I didn't know that all 6 had been released. Asenshi has only the first 2 eps, then I used hoshiboshi-e for 3 and 4. And now I'm watching 5-6 from AnimacitySubs since they have all 6 of them already. I don't think it's important which ones you use, you're gonna be distracted by Sumire Morohoshi's lovely voice anyway.

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