S.Peelman said:

Haven't seen it, aren't planning to either. Never saw Suicide Squad. I don't want to, because all DC movies nowadays are so off-putting because the DC "Universe" is such an utter mess. It's totally random as to what belongs to what other movies and what is its own separate thing, so it just feels like it would be a complete waste of time to watch any of them. Like, apparently The Batman that's soon to come out, with the guy from Twilight, is unrelated to this series, then you'd think it's a sequel to Joker (which I reluctantly saw though that ended up actually being great due to Joaquin Phoenix) from last year but it isn't, that's its own thing as well. Then there's the series Gotham, which again is its own thing, and then there's also the Arrowverse which contains some other series but not all of them or whatever. Is Batman v Superman even in the same continuity? I know that one's at least a sequel to Man of Steel. Now I'm reading there's even going to be a reboot of Suicide Squad. Like, what's even the point?

It's a shame really because the DC Universe could be much cooler than the Marvel Universe, but its just handled absolutely terribly, which hurts the quality of these movies and their box-office performance in return.

I actually think that the DC universe could *not* be cooler than the Marvel universe, and that's part of their problem.

Batman is cool, I'll give them that, but the other ones.. Not so much. I mean there's always some cheesiness when it comes to superheroes, but Marvel gets around that by making it so that the superpowers tend to be also a curse or a downside for the characters and they have real life issues that kind of ground them in a way, making them more like one of us. Relatable.

DC on the other hand has Super-Duper Man, an invincible being from another world and a beacon of righteousness for us all! Wonder Woman, with her magic bracelets that can stop bullets! Green lantern, with his magic ring and the beautiful power of imagination! Aquaman, the prince of the depths, who talks to fish! Now with cooler looks because of casting the manliest man there is to offset the silliness!

Do you see what I mean? DC characters tend to be like these prototype heroes from an age that doesn't really click with the contemporary world. Give Warner Brothers a break, this is what they're trying to work with.