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trunkswd said:
SvennoJ said:
Star Trek. I've rewatched them all on Netflix and they're always on on Space Channel. I don't think a day goes by without watching some Star Trek. (Exception for Discovery, don't like it) I've also recently watched the Expanse first 3 seasons again.

I agree about Discovery. It just doesn't feel like Star Trek. I'e watched 8 of the 10 episodes of Picard so far and have enjoyed it. Not quite the Star Trek of old, but still decent. 

Star Trek Guilt and Regrets (Picard) is mostly good for fan service with the old cast. The story on its own is kinda meh. Star trek works best when dealing with one thing per at most double episode with some background story lines. Longer stories just seem to drag on. It also sort of forces you to watch them in order while I prefer to (re)watch random episodes. When Picard was airing on Space Channel they put a TNG episodes featuring Picard right after, that was actually more enjoyable than the new show tbh. It is very well made, but despite it all looking very grand, it feels very small for some reason.