JRPGfan said:

If you are too lax on preventing spread, those numbers could climb drastically.

But even the experts are telling you we're trying to flatten the curve rather than stop the spreading. The same number will be infected in both scenarios, more people will manage to survive if the curve is flattened. Flattening the curve will NOT alter the course of the disease or change the total number of infected individual.

Almost all of those who will get their lungs scarred by the virus will get their lungs scarred in both scenarios (flattening the curve or letting it peak), almost all of those who will end up damaged kidneys will get damaged kidneys regardless of how flat the curve is, so on so forth. The ONLY medical intervention that could benefit from flattening the curve as of now is artificial ventilation, which only helps a SUBSET of people and mostly the elderly. One could argue flattening the curve would buy us some time to get more ventilators and hospital space ready but at what cost? 

The coronavirus and the rhinovirus have been causing the common cold for so long, the flu has been around since forever, no effective medication was ever effective against those. Humans are terrible at making medications against viruses, but sometimes brilliant at making vaccines. How long until one is ready though? 

Last edited by LurkerJ - on 29 March 2020