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Captain_Yuri said:
Trunkin said:

I'm just sitting here wondering how the hell Sony and M$ are selling consoles with those specs for anything under $1000. I'm in need of a PC upgrade, and I've already given up on achieving parity with the XSeX because it throws the whole thing out of my price range. Let alone the GPUs and NVME drives.

The key thing to remember is... These consoles are not out yet and by the time they do come out which should be Holiday 2020, PC should have a good answer...

Ryzen 4000 series CPUs are on the horizon. Big Navi GPUs are on the horizon. Nvidia's 3000 GPUs are on the horizon. Samsung's 980 series Nvme SSDs that are rated to run at 6.5GB/s as well as their competitors are on the horizon. Unless they all get delayed which isn't impossible due to the virus, they should all come out at the same time or before the next gen console twins arrive.

Consoles will still have the best value as they always have but there's plenty of things coming out that will shorten the gap.

Just look at what Ryzen did in terms of pushing CPU performance while also reducing price. That's not to say RDNA will do it in the same manner, but it's looking to potentially create the same level of disruption in the GPU market.

Based on the PS5 and XBSX GPU portion of the APU, it's intriguing to imagine what AMD can probably do with that tech on a dedicated GPU and how reasonably priced they should be able to do it for, if they so choose. Nvidia has needed a spanking badly for years now, almost as badly as Intel needed and got, and it looks like AMD just might be able to deliver that again. 

drkohler said:
Fei-Hung said:
Dunno who this is but he has a different take on it and a the ssd. Worth a watch.

This guy has been around for quite a while.

Usually half-truths mixed with strawman arguments and weird conclusions (not my view, the view of people who actually program stuff).

Not worth a watch.

Then you've got XB guys like Sams here ending his video by trying to compare PS5's "9.2" (TF) to (XBSX) "12" (TF). This made me howl.

The video started out fairly decent, but he just couldn't let it go and had to squeeze it in at the end.

You know the jig is up when 12.1TF over 10.3TF isn't enough for some unimaginable reason, that you have to use an old leak that doesn't entirely match up with the official announcement, to 'prove' the official PS announcement is BS. I wonder how true the XB official announcements have been then? Hmm? lol