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RolStoppable said:
curl-6 said:

Yep, this was a short war.

The Wii did well in Japan, but the Switch is just so much better suited to the lifestyle there.

The most important factor is that Switch isn't disdained by third parties like the Wii was. The Wii's sales pettered out because third party support after 2008 was in a sorry state. Not only in numbers, but also variety. There wasn't much of anything in terms of single-player focused games, unlike for Switch where there's seemingly no end in sight when it comes to RPGs.

Wii sales stayed high in other parts of the world much longer than in Japan, because while American and European third parties didn't like the Wii either, there was at least more willingness to put games on it due to the general multiplat approach that Western third parties have had for a very long time, as opposed to Japanese third parties who stuck with exclusives for a really long time; it wasn't until the mid-2010s that Japan at large began to open up to the idea of multiplat development.

It did get Monster Hunter Tri in 2009, Xenoblade in 2010, and Pandora's Tower/The Last Story in 2011 there, but yeah that's not much over a span of three years. Would've helped if Dragon Quest X had been a proper entry instead of an MMO.